Grouse Associates

We are an HVAC and energy strategy company. By paying special attention to the building’s operation, we provide a tailored solution to your energy challenges. We design load shifting HVAC sequences and schedules to navigate away from Demand Charges and develop a feasible approach Demand Response. We can help develop strategies that include HVAC, building automation, insulation, lighting, solar / energy storage and energy purchase. We do this for new construction and CapEx rehab projects. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients save money and resources while working with grid operators to use power when it’s most available and affordable.


The first step in reducing energy bills is to use less energy. Our HVAC designs focus on two things, flexibility and concise sizing. With these items, we can keep HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency more of the time. The flexibility allows us to work with utilities for the best possible electric rates and to push loads to off peak times or times when power comes from renewable sources. This helps with demand response and grid flexibility. Although concise sizing of equipment also means a lower first cost for our systems, because of their efficiency, often time we will be eligible for utility incentives and rebates to further lower their cost.


We hope to further the circular economy by lowering the embodied energy and input of natural resources in our systems and in your buildings. We have found that all to often, each trade is designing in a box. But we know that all systems are connected and taking a wholistic approach is the only way to truly lower embodied energy in buildings. More insulation leads to smaller HVAC equipment, which leads to smaller duct work and smaller electrical systems – smaller wire, smaller breakers and lower operating cost. Understand how a building is to be operated can lead to flexibility, smaller HVAC, and better electric rate. That is why we want to know about you and your business.


The grouse is a ground dwelling bird found throughout the northern hemisphere with Native American significance. The grouse dances a spiral dance. The spiral signifies connectedness. From the Milky Way Galaxy to the double helix of a DNA strand, spirals are found throughout our environment. At Grouse Associates we take a holistic approach to energy usage, both embodied and operations, and hope to further the circular economy. Overly designed HVAC systems require more extraction of natural resources for both the construction and operation of these HVAC systems. By understanding your operation we can minimize your impact on the grid and the environment.